Sunday, March 4, 2012

"First, You Have to Give the World a Smile"

I don't remember our exact topic of conversation when the Santi shared this with me.  I am sure that I had a characteristically negative attitude about something, but it could have been anything.  Anyway, as I think about opening a new chapter of our lives together, the phrase comes to mind more often:

First, you have to give the world a smile.

Each day, I will try to greet the world with a true smile, whether I feel like it or not.   I think that is what he meant - to literally start out with a smile on your face.  To do this requires starting each day fresh, and not with the burdens and cares from the previous days.
And each time I endeavor to take on a new project, large or small, instead of allowing past failures and defeats to overshadow my attempt, I will start with a smile.  I will dive in with a cheerful heart.
Finally, and what reveals my motivations and is the most important part behind this, I will teach my children to do the same.  Hopefully, I will capture some of that smiling here.

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